Subsea Insulation

The company has carried out many projects over the past 20 years using various insulation coating systems.

The company has carried out many projects over the past 20 years using various insulation coating systems.

Where a moderate level of insulation is required (i.e. > 3W/mk) thick coatings of PP have been used, powder coated using our factory applied systems.

For greater levels of insulation are needed (or for field joints), solid PU is used up to 100mm thickness. This has the advantage of being extremely robust, and relatively easy to apply field joints. This system operates up to 80C subsea, and to over 1,000m water depth.

For levels of insulation to 1W/mk, then syntactic PU is used. For shallow water, then a polymer microsphere is used. For extreme depths (>1,000m), glass microspheres are used. Specialist equipment is required to mix these materials, to obtain a thorough mixing without damage to the microspheres.



In the 1980s, Barrier carried out a major project for our client, FPT, in Portsmouth. The contract was to fill large polypropylene rotational mouldings with PU Foam.

Some were over 1m³, and involved robust tooling to withstand the pressures created in the tank during curing. These tanks were fitted to an armoured digger for the Ministry of Defence.

Expanded PU was used in several offshore buoys to provide buoyancy in case of damage to the shell during loading/unloading of oil.

As part of our “Bubbletherm” developments, we produced a series of half-shells and mouldings which can be used to float pipelines.

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