Barrier Syntech has increased its range of services to three core offerings, and now provides services in insulation, insulation jackets and subsea insulation

Effective thermal insulation systems are vital to the efficient operation of any business. Not only do they conserve energy for process requirements, they also save money. Energy costs are a major factor for all businesses and well-designed and installed insulation systems can help reduce them.

At the high temperatures commonly found on industrial sites the payback period for the insulation is usually a few months. Wasted energy means higher than necessary carbon emissions. As well as saving money, insulation reduces the carbon footprint of the business and its overall environmental impact as a result.

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Specialist Coatings applicator in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, and Marine markets. Coatings include Epoxies, Polyurethanes and Thermal Sprayed Aluminium.

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Designer, supplier and installer of Architectural and Insulation systems, including ductwork for HVAC and Modular Accommodation units.

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Applicator of Passive Fire Protection systems including Epoxy Intumescents. Manufacturer of fireproof panels and boxes.

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Manufacturer of rubber or synthetic components, ranging from cut gaskets to specialist fabrications, mouldings, extrusions and mandrel-built hoses.