Barrier Syntech insulation services

The Barrier Group has a long history of using syntactic systems

We started out as a prominent contributor to the subsea industry, and have continued to work in this area, while expanding into other areas of industrial insulation.

In the early 1980s, our main client AMEC had several buoys to build for Chevron. Maintaining buoyancy after a collision was an issue so they needed a system to give sufficient flotation time in order to recover the buoy before it sank. We filled the oil offloading buoys with polyurethane (PU) foam for buoyancy, an innovation that was then ahead of its time.

Barrier Syntech has worked closely with Akzo Nobel and Sherwin Williams, who use our syntactic epoxies for under deck insulation for oil platforms. After application they are then over coated with these manufacturers’ epoxy intumescent products to give jet-fire rated protection.

In 1990 we were asked to fireproof saddles for the separators on a BP platform. These were operating at a high temperature, so it was necessary to insulate under the intumescent epoxy. This was when we first started using resins with glass microspheres. Since then we have insulated many oil platform under decks, including Nexen Buzzard (which had passive fire protection (PFP) applied over it). This was an area of more than 5,000m2.

Around 2000, we started applying fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE) to spools in our factory, and the opportunity arose to insulate some subsea spools for a local company. As we had more than 20 years experience of using sprayed PU, it was a simple step to applying syntactic PU to pipework.

Barrier Syntech has carried out many specialist insulation projects over the past 15 years, all of which have been done under considerable time restraints. We have developed our skills to cope with the idiosyncrasies thrown up by the unique challenges of working across a diverse range of industries.